**Special Notice**


***June 13, 2022 Update***

Orders are still being completed. I am down to the last 24 orders to be completed. When I announced the closure I was at 55 orders total. As many know every order is built with the best parts and quality. I’ve gotten the latest available parts so these are not old stock hanging around parts being used. I appreciate every and all customers who are waiting. I will eventually get a list here showing all waiting orders. I appreciate you all.

You will only receive an email when your order has been fully completed and boxed up ready to ship. Until that moment there are no updates to the order placed. I’m working as fast as time allows.

Please continue to be patient as your order will be completed and shipped. Which when it does you will get an email from the website with a tracking number.

All orders already placed will be completed and shipped. If you have any questions regarding install and troubleshooting please email JPCustoms901@gmail.com

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