Terms of Service Aggreement

Services Contract

This contract (the “Agreement”) is entered into and between you (the “Customer”) and JP Customs LLC.


JP Customs LLC agrees to build and complete the specific set of lighting that was added to cart on the JP Customs LLC website. (jpcustomsllc.com).


Customer agrees to cooperate and to provide JP Customs LLC with the time and resources needed to properly complete the specific item(s) ordered.

JP Customs LLC has the experience and ability to build everything specified in the order and will do it all in a professional manner in approximately 4-6 Month time frame.

Right to Authorship Credit

Both Parties agree that when asked, the customer must properly identify JP Customs LLC as the creator of the deliverables. The customer may not seek to mislead others that the deliverables that were created by JP Customs LLC, were not created by anyone else.

Customer hereby agrees JP Customs LLC may use the work product as part of JP Customs LLC portfolio, website, galleries, and other media solely for the purpose of showcasing JP Customs LLC’s work, but not for any other purpose.

Anti Defamation Clause

The customer agrees that they will not make any defamatory or disparaging comments or remarks in writing, orally or on any social media platforms about business dealings with JP Customs LLC. This includes verbal, written, or on any social media platforms.  JP Customs LLC will not make any defamatory or disparaging comments or remarks in writing, orally or on any social media platforms about a customer.

Warranty & Refunds

JP Customs LLC warrants that the order will be completed in a professional manner and that none of this agreement is or will be inconsistent with any obligation JP Customs LLC may have to others.

Craftsmanship/ Labor

All of our custom built lights receive a JP Customs LLC  warranty, a 90 days standard labor warranty for paint and sealant. If within 90 days of delivery, your custom lighting gets excessive moisture, has any paint defects (fading, cracking), we will, fix the issue, free of charge. Unfortunately, moisture can be common with custom lights. JP Customs LLC will reseal lights free of charge. Customer is responsible for shipping cost to JP Customs LLC. JP Customs LLC will cover the cost to ship back to receiver.

After 90 days, the customer will pay full labor charges to fix any paint or sealant related issues. Customer will be responsible for shipping costs after the 90 day period is up. Upon shipping, please include a return label.

We recommend that you include insurance when shipping items back for warranty.


When it comes to any custom lighting product, once the item has been opened up, such as headlights, tail lights, etc. the housing itself has no warranty. Once any lights are opened by JP Customs LLC, the warranty is void from the manufacturer.


All parts used in custom lighting builds come with a warranty from the manufacturer.

The customer will not be charged for the cost of parts if it complies with the parts warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Many parts come with a warranty for whom JP Custom LLC is a certified vendor for.


JP Customs LLC does not provide refunds or returns under any circumstances. These custom lights are built for you and your specific needs.

JP Customs LLC strongly recommends professional installation. Any damage done to custom lighting due to user error or improper installation, is not covered by JP Customs LLC under any circumstances, no exceptions.

Doing so voids any and all warranties within the product. 

Shipping to customer.

The item ordered by the customer will be shipped to the billing address on file at the time of checkout.

Damage from Shipping

All shipments come with insurance on packages. If a package arrives and the product has been damaged, the customer must be compliant with the insurance claim. JP Customs LLC will take care of all paperwork involved with the insurance claim but will still need additional information from you, the customer.

Failure to comply with the insurance claim does not justify a refund, especially with any custom item. If the product is received damaged, the customer has 7 days from the date the tracking shows delivered to report the damage to JP Customs LLC via email.


 The customer has 15 days to file a claim and provide any proof and information that will be needed for documentation.

If a customer is shipping an item back for warranty, insurance is highly recommended. If the item(s) gets damaged on the shipment back due to poor packaging, JP Customs LLC will not be responsible to replace any damaged items. If the product is packaged properly, and still gets damaged, the customer will be responsible for initiating the insurance claim, and JP Customs LLC will assist in any way possible.

Lost Products

If a package is lost in transit, JP Customs LLC will perform the proper insurance claim. If it is a two package or more type of shipment, and one of the packages is lost, JP Customs LLC will perform the proper insurance claim. If a package is lost, it does not justify any refund from JP Customs LLC. Once the package leaves our facility, it is the responsibility of the shipping company. JP Customs LLC has no control over it in any way, shape, or form.


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