Featured Product Information

Thanks for your interest!

Our featured product is the 2016+ Dodge Charger Animated Tail lights.

This setup is a show style and still retains stock animation for legal road use. It has these features…

-Animated on/off Parking RaceTrack
-Sequential Amber Turn signals (can also be red only)
-F1 Strobe x2 to solid Brake Lights
-All over Show mode via remote.

Now take note.


These tails are hand crafted to say the least. The process can take up to 60hrs in labor. This isn’t something bought off the shelf or bought elsewhere and slapped in and marked up. We take each housing and open them to perform the needed work.


The Process:

When you choose to purchase this modification, you have 2 options.

Option 1- Sending in your stock tail lights off the vehicle

Option 2- We order, or you order new OEM replacements. (Around $1800.00)

The tail lights (All 3 units) must be sent in for the mod to take place. We inspect to be sure there’s no damage during the shipping process and then begin the work.

Animations are what we set them as. For a custom animation from scratch there is an extra charge to build it. So animations for show mode are almost unlimited to a certain degree.



Once completed we will send a video of the finished product. Once shipped there will be a tracking number with insurance and signature required.


Installation on Vehicle:

We highly recommend a trusted shop for install if you are not comfortable installing the finished housings on the car. You will need to drill 4 holes and run wires to the BCM for some functions to operate correctly. We will have detailed instructions with the tail lights when shipped and offer over the phone install support. We can also provide personal installation if you bring the vehicle to us or if transport fees are paid to make a trip to you.

The setup for the 16+ Chargers (base, R/T, Rallye, Scatpack, SRT) will cost $2000.00 plus cost of shipping. The units will come with needed extensions and connectors for a smooth install to the vehicle. Also a remote to activate/deactivate the show mode feature.

We do understand some will see the cost as utterly ridiculous but for those who understand that the amount of hours put into the housings to achieve this effect it is worth the cost. Yes someone will do it cheaper, we are the first and only to have completed a set and have it on the vehicle in working order. We take pride in our work and guarantee the quality and will offer a 4yr warranty against led failure, wire integrity, and 6months against moisture. We cut open and seal the tail lights with precision. We are known in the lighting community for our tail lights and have had the best quality of them.

For those curious yes. This can be done to the previous gen Charger with the outline leds. (11-14)

It can also be done for the 15+ Challengers with the led tail lights.

We appreciate your interest in JP Customs LLC tail light modification services! If you are serious about upgrading the personalization of your car please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.