2015+ Genesis Sedan Tail Lights


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The first to mod these tails to perfection. Nobody has done this before until now.

Stock when off but they come alive with the animations! The version in the video below are the full show style. The other option is to have basic switchback (full length white reverse and sequential amber turns) or full colorshift in the clear section. Here are the mods that come with them

F1 Style brakes (strobe to solid)

Sequential Turns (Fins if colorshift is selected or Stock turn location but sequential amber)

Parking on/off (the under eyeline will sequence on/off)

Show Mode ( via remote and/or bluetooth if colorshift is chosen)

Tails will come with all needed wiring and extensions. You will need to run the extensions from trunk lights down to the outside.

Tails come with a 2 Year warranty. Build time will be between 3-6 Weeks max. You will need to send in your stock tail lights. If you are not able to wait this time frame you will need to send in spare tail lights to be modified. We DO NOT provide new tail lights or do a core for tails.