2017+ Toyota Sequoia/Tundra Headlights


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Do you want the 2018 Toyota Sequoia headlights modified? Look no further! We are the only ones who have created the animated DRL/Turn signals! These can be retrofitted on the 2007-13 Toyota Tundra with the Filler plates that go under. If getting the conversion we also provide plug and play wiring with the modded headlights. Options currently are for White and Amber animation with added show mode. We can also have the headlights painted and the filler panels painted as well. We just simply need your color code!

Comes with a 3Year warranty!


Price Includes New OEM Headlights and Filler plates if ordered. No Aftermarket!

If ordering filler plates you will need to provide a color code via email. Also specify if you want the headlights painted OEM or black gloss only.